Monday, 26 March 2012

Wah! - Story of the Blues

I Can't believe this song is 30 years old this year, back in 1982 when Story of the Blues was released I was 14 and still at school. I think this has got to be my all time favourite 80's track. So for my next few posts I'll be showing a few more of my favourite 80's tracks.
Story of the Blues reached No3 in the UK chart. I was going to post the actual video for the song, but it bought back too many bad memories of bad 80's fashion!

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  1. I saw the Mighty Wah live once at a Christmas gig when I was a student. The only thing I clearly remember was the Pete Wiley seemed to be about four foot tall and three stone soaking wet (including his mullet!), but then, I was like Rowley Birkin QC at the time...