Thursday, 21 March 2013

Tame Impala - Elephant

This track is featuring heavily on TV adverts in the UK at the moment, its a great trip back to the Psychedelic 60's with Lennon-esqe vocals and a great buzzing guitar riff.

"Elephant" was the first track to be released from Tame Impala's second album Lonerism and the video was filmed by artist Yoshi Sodeoka, with live footage provided by The Silentlights.
Frontman Kevin Parker has been reported as saying that the song is not really a song about being a loner, but a song about the bully. He goes on to say "It's the guy who thinks he's great, the jock. Imagine a real reclusive guy who's a bit bitter about this guy who thinks he's great. Which is the opposite vibe of the loner, so it presents him in the worst light."

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Little Green Cars - Harper Lee

This songs been driving me mad for a couple of weeks, I kept hearing it on the radio but could never find out who sang it. Finally found out earlier in the week after speaking to my daughter!!
As far as I know this is their follow up single to "The John Wayne"


"Having wooed stateside crowds with a series of shows through 2012, Dublin five-piece Little Green Cars are ready to charm domestic audiences with their forthcoming debut album, Absolute Zero.

The five-piece - fronted by the duo of Stevie Appleby and Faye O'Rourke - have a fine foundation to build from in the shape of their single The John Wayne. Its dusty percussion and vocal harmonies place it somewhere beside Mumford & Sons and The Maccabees; and, certainly, Little Green Cars possess the potential to emulate these acts' achievements.

Absolute Zero has something of a hit-maker at its helm, too - producer Markus Dravs has previously worked on releases by Arcade Fire, Björk and Coldplay. With the band forming five years ago, some might deem the debut a long time coming; but on the evidence of what's been heard so far, it's clear that a great thing is coming to those who've waited."