Sunday, 12 August 2012

Arcade Fire - City with No Children

City with No Children was the 4th single to be released from the Arcade Fire album The Suburbs. It failed to chart almost everywhere, except in Belgium where it reached No 24.
 It remind's me of another song but I just can't remember what???

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Max Q - Sometimes

Back to the 80's for today's post. Back in the mid 80's my favourite band was INXS, I went to see them in concert around 9 times, until that fateful day back in  1997. As an avid record collector, yes record not CD, I bought everything the band released, including this one by Max Q, featuring Mr Hutchence himself on vocals.
Sometimes reached the dizzying heights of No 53 in the UK but a higher No 31 in Australia.

The following came from

1989 would prove itself a very different year for Michael Hutchence, musically. He unzipped his rock star costume and went off and broadened his musical abilities to gain some credibility for himself. For a start he cut his hair. It came as a shock to many, used to seeing Hutchence use his hair like a cowboy throws a lasso, falling across his eyes, flipping back, drawing people of both sexes.

"I felt like it, so I did it," he says. "I just got the old Swiss Army knife out. It's symbolic. I was getting sick of all these guys with permed, long hair. I didn't want to be associated with it, so I guess it was my statement towards that crap. If at the very least I got rid of some unwanted followers, those that were there for my hair. I had to grow up. It was the end of something in a way - the end of the INXS tour."

Hutchence's haircut took place in a studio while he was making a record - not with INXS though, but with the experimental band Max Q . After more than a year touring the world in 1987-88, INXS were tired. They had been recording and performing over ten years, so they decided to cease being INXS for twelve months.